Collaboration(s) !

During this Covid-19 situation, we had the time to think about how to help more people on top of our designing service. We noticed that during the lock down in various parts of the world, the environment condition has improved drastically. Which led us to think what we can do to improve the environment.

Generally, the rule of thumb is to reduce waste.

So! We went to look for upcycling companies around Singapore and we found Terra! They are a upcycling company which provides workshop and organise sustainable events. Terra has very kindly agreed to take it some of our waste materials during the renovation period and giving them a new life.

We are also working alongside Studio MU YU! We had the pleasure of working with them previously when we were located at MOX. Studio MU YU specialise in making female accessories using mainly wood.

We are looking forward to seeing these waste materials getting a new life! Also, looking forward to more collaborations with other upcycling / recycling companies. We will actively keep a look out for these companies to work with.

If you care about the environment as much as we do, rest assured that during your renovation with us, whatever materials that can be recycled / upcycled will be done so!