Phnom Penh – Uno 26

We have been invited by Romdoul Development to design the interiors of their upcoming development, UNO 26. UNO 26 is located in the heart of Phnom Penh, it is 18 stories high, with a total of 70 units.

Here we are showcasing our design abilities by offering different design concepts, ranging from Modern Chinese Oriental to Classic Victorian. Not just residential, we also proved that we are able to design a vibrant co-working office space.

Bukit Batok West

Monochromatic colour scheme with splash of colours not only adds visual interests to the spaces, it is also ever changing. By changing out soft furnishing, this young couple will be able to give the space a new fresh look when they want.

Elements of luxury was achieved  with gold & brass inlays and fixtures.

Pasir Ris West

Albeit the old unit’s rundown condition, it was blessed with huge spaces for creativity and opportunities. Industrial Scandinavian was the preferred theme with a touch of New York likeness. The look was achieved by balancing out the usage of materials; Red brick with concrete screed flooring, the usage of wooden texture with glass, and a touch of metallic surface to add on to the detail.

The look was achieved by balancing out the usage of materials