Phnom Penh – Uno 26

We have been invited by Romdoul Development to design the interiors of their upcoming development, UNO 26. UNO 26 is located in the heart of Phnom Penh, it is 18 stories high, with a total of 70 units.

Here we are showcasing our design abilities by offering different design concepts, ranging from Modern Chinese Oriental to Classic Victorian. Not just residential, we also proved that we are able to design a vibrant co-working office space.

Serangoon Central

Home to a young couple, the focus was to design something timeless.

Louver design makes concealing kitchen entrance easy. Concealed door creates a bigger sense of space in the living room. Also preventing smell from entering the living room.

Knowing half the couple loves to cook, extra space was to given to the kitchen. Light wood was used for bottom cabinet to contrast with the dark floor tiles, brightening the kitchen. Grey top cabinet was used to visually connect the space.