Our services

We provide a complete service from Design consulting to realisation.

Design Consultation

Our professionally trained designers will be here to listen to your lifestyle needs & requirements. We will then propose a suitable layout based on your lifestyle

Computer Aided Visualisation

We will be doing hand drawn sketches based on your lifestyle. After which, our team of professional visualiser will proceed to generate life-like renderings that will help you visualise what we have in store for you.

Computer Aided Construction Drawings

Once the design is confirmed, we will proceed to do accurate & detailed construction drawings. This is to let you understand what you will be getting at the end of the renovation. Such as material selection, material finishes, colour scheme etc.

Oversee Construction Process

Our team of designers will be on-site during the construction process to ensure that everything goes accordingly to plan. This also allows us to inform you of any site discrepancies that was unforeseen.

Furniture & Furnishing Advisement

Now everything is shaping up! However, we are still missing a very important factor from achieving your dream home. That is your furniture & furnishing. From big scale item like your sofa, to a small item like your coaster, we will be with you every step to advise what will help you achieve your dream home.