About Us

Founded in 2017, SALT is a boutique interior design company, established by two interior designers who are passionate in what we do. We specialise in residential projects.

Company Value

Design is priority

Design is everywhere; From simple ergonomics of a pen to master planning of a cityscape. Design is supposed to help lives and that is what we aspire to do for you. We design according to your lifestyle, making sure that it is both beautiful and practical.

Customer Satisfaction

We strive to provide exceptional customer satisfaction through efficient project management, quality products and creative solutions. The experience and end product will be as rewarding as it is delightful.


Transparency is the key to better communication, we will break down all costs as much as possible. Furthermore, good design will be achieved with honesty, that is why we always opt for the ugly truth rather than a beautiful lie.

Process oriented

Design starts from the mind, and true meaning gets lost during exchanges. Hence we adopt the process of documenting details into drawings, which will be communicated thoroughly before construction. Additionally, site unpredictability can be minimised by conforming to strict processes.


We are committed to our craft and that is what we aim to do for you. We believe there is a limit to everything, same goes for attention; And that is why we only take on 3 projects per designer, to ensure complete control.