What should you invest on in your new home?

As an interior designer & a new home owner, we are too familiar with the hefty price tag that comes along with a beautifully renovated & decorated home. Hence, we decided to let everyone know what we will be spending on in our new home, from an interior designer home owner point of view!

1. Quality bathroom tiles

If you are like us, who spend a lot of time in the bathroom and enjoy a luxurious bath, then you need to invest in beautiful bathroom tiles. Why? Because changing them in the future is a pain in the butt. It will be dusty, noisy, it will take about a week or two just to simply retile the bathroom. Not to mention extra cost will be incurred for plumbing works.

2. Kitchen cabinet & kitchen table top

A good kitchen is not only well planned functionally, it must also be beautiful visually. As MOST kitchen cabinets are built-in, be extra carefully when planning your kitchen! Do also share with your designers how you usually use your kitchen and the type of cuisine you cook. There also many kitchen accessories in the market that really improves your efficiency in the kitchen!

3. Furniture & equipments

Furniture is a good place to invest your money in. A good piece of sofa can last for a long time. Moreover, furniture can be brought with you should you decide to move! Having said that, it is recommended to get a more generic looking sofa that is flexible in terms of style. For example, Box Sofa will be able to fit into a Scandinavian theme interior as well as a Modern Contemporary theme house!

Some of you might think it’s not worth it to pay a premium for equipments. While that might be the case for some, we do believe that premium equipment pay for themselves in the long run! We have had clients who bought a Miele clothes steamer, and it lasted them for over 20 years! It all boils down to individual needs when it comes to equipment. If you are a baker, it make sense to get a better oven!

Above mentioned are just our personal opinions! Of course there are people who see value in getting more built-in cabinets. There are also people who see more value in flexibility. Ultimately it is your own home! You should invest in what you feel right! Lastly, the most valuable thing you can invest in, is engaging a good interior designer to help you out.

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