What should you do during renovation?

The renovation process can be very tiresome for many people. Our job as Interior designer is to ease that workload for you also. We have been telling owners to sit back & relax and let us do our job, at the same time, we would love it if owners are more involved and committed as well. So, here we will talk about what should owners be doing.

  1. Relax!

First thing first, relax! Here at Salt, all our designers are qualified to not only produce outstanding designs, we also know what we are doing during construction phase. Proper construction drawings will be produced and discussed thoroughly with you prior to construction. Then leave the rest up to us. Rest assured that drawings will be communicated clearly to our contractors to ensure things as built as planned.

2. Occasional Site visits.

Almost all the time, job sites are incredibly dirty, dusty & noisy. We understand that you are excited and looking forward to moving into your dream home asap. However, for your safety, please try your best to do site visits at night or over the weekends! We would hate it if you stepped on some random nails / staple lying around! There will be some exceptions when we would require your presence on site, especially when we need to confirm certain positioning (eg, toilet accessories). For that, designer in charge will inform you in advance!

3. Communicate!

We love it when home owners pester us with questions. If there is something you are unsure of, please feel free to contact the designer in charge, please. Talk to us, tell us what you want and need, tell us what you dislike too! If we are failing to meet your expectations, please let us know! If we are exceeding your expectations, please let us know too! Everybody loves a compliment now & then. (:

4. Be Patient.

Hiccups during renovation are inevitable, as much as we try our best to prevent them from happening. We seek your understanding for unforeseen circumstances. We also experienced situations when jobs were not completed, and homeowners were complaining about incomplete works and/or subpar works. Many times defects can be, and will be, rectified before handing over the home back to you. There will be times whereby we overlook certain items. We really appreciate home owners letting us know where are the areas that we can improve!

5. Take photos!

Take plenty of photos! Share them with your friends via Instagram or Facebook. Just be sure to tag us! We always love a before & after comparison!

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