Upcoming design trend: Our observations.

When it comes to interior design theme, there are plentiful to choose from. From Modern contemporary, to Industrial. In the recent years, we saw the Scandinavian theme on the rise. Today we will share what we think will be the up & coming themes.

Eclectic / Bohemian

It’s definitely becoming one of the powerhouse in local design scene. We noticed that it is especially popular in younger homeowners nowadays. The beauty of eclectic theme lies in their uniqueness of each home.,because it has a very high tolerance for variance. Each eclectic homes tells a story of their home owners, we almost never see a repeated colour scheme or textures.


All time classic (and personal favourite). We noticed the upward trend of minimalist interior. It is ideal for people who wants a fuss free home. Due to the hectic & fast paced life in Singapore, we strongly highly recommend home owners to adopt a minimalist interior. It creates minimal visual disturbance, allowing you to go into a state of relaxation faster. It also hides away a lot of your storage. This means that we have less things to clean (yay!). People often mistake minimalist = boring. NO! Minimalist does not mean you have to throw everything away. It simply means keep what is needed.

Modern French

People have the mindset that only elder homeowners would appreciate a good ol’ classic home. WRONG! We were shocked when we have young couples approaching us for a Modern French design. It is clearly starting to appeal to younger generations. We believe it’s because of the intricate detail that comes with designing a Modern French home.

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