Quotations: What to look out for! Part 1.

In this post, we will teach you what to look out for in quotations, and the right questions to ask! We will use our own quotation as example.

First, as shown below, we charge a small professional fee for our design services. Now, we know that a lot of other interior design companies do not have this particular fee. Usually, they dissolve the cost into the overall quotation, but we might be wrong. You can do a quick check and ask if they will impose this fee in the future. If they do, do ask how much!

Our design fee is subjected to the scope of work done!

Up next, we have the general works. General works usually entails haulage works. I.e. labour fee for our contractors to remove demolition debris & to upload new materials such as tiles, cement & bricks. This is where usually we would place our admin fees. A very good example is the Professional Engineer (P.E.) endorsement cost for demolition of walls. Do note that if you are renovating a Condo, and you are removing some walls, MOST of the MCST would require you to have a P.E Endorsed demolition plan. So do remember to confirm with your Interior Designer!

Also! Do note that what kind of protection is being used for your flooring! This is very important. We do not want a damaged marble flooring now do we?

Now is where the actual construction costs come in. Below, you will find the demolition cost. Do make sure that whatever that needs to be demolished & disposed are included! Ideally, you would want your Designer to have a demolition plan to tally it with!

In this case, we have not visited the site before, hence we had to estimate.

Here, we have the masonry part. It is very important to be aware of the capped tiles price. Tiles price have a HUGE variation. Starting from $2.00 all the way to $20.00, $30.00 per square feet (PSF). Do make sure to check with your designer what is the price capped at! Of course, the higher the price is capped at, the higher the quotation will be. Fret not, after selection, we would come out with a variation order to increase, or decrease the price according to the tiles we ultimately select.

Also, do check with us the acceptable size that you can select without being charged extra. For bigger size tiles, 1200mm onwards, our tiler will charge us an extra charge. Same goes for mosaic & smaller sized tiles (subway tiles, 100mm x 100mm tiles). Reason is because they require more labour & time.

Other masonry works includes, making good for floor & wall after demolition. Especially relevant if you are planning to overlay your flooring!

Our tiles price are clearly stated!

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